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Dr. Frederic D.B. Schedel

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Welcome! This is the website of Frederic Schedel. I am a biologist interested in the evolution, systematics and biogeography of African freshwater fishes, in particular of riverine cichlids.


Recent Publications

Schedel F.D.B., Musilova Z., Indermaur A., Bitja-Nyom A.R., Salzburger W., & U.K. Schliewen (2022): Towards the phylogenetic placement of the enigmatic African genus Prolabeops Schultz, 1941. Journal of Fish Biology: 1–10.

Usimesa Wingi, N., Schedel, F.D.B. & U.K. Schliewen (2022): Congochromis rotundiceps sp. nov. a new cichlid species (Actinopterygii: Cichlidae) from the Congo Drainage. Zootaxa. 5124 (3): 296–320.

Schedel, F.D.B., Chakonoa A., Sidlauskas, B.L., Popoola, M.O., Usimesa Winig, N., Neumann, D., Vreven, E.J.W.M.N. & U.K. Schliewen (2022): New phylogenetic insights into the African catfish families Mochokidae and Austroglanididae. Journal of Fish Biology: 1–16.

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